Season 2

Episode Guide

A Less Perfect Union

S2 E10
Sep 21, 2023
With the news of another double elimination, the remaining players grapple with tough decisions: betraying friendships or risking elimination. The Survivors navigate the departure of a valued member, and the loss of trust in another.

Enemy of the State

S2 E9
Sep 14, 2023
As the individual game heats up, Challenge vet Tori wants to cool things down with her showmance with Sebastian - but he's got other ideas. Also, Michaela sets her sights on a fellow Survivor player she feels could be a threat to her game.

Independence Day

S2 E8
Sep 07, 2023
The game takes a dramatic turn when TJ announces that teams are no more, strategy shifts for several players, and a shocking draw from the hopper forces two ride-or-die allies to go head-to-head in one of the most grueling eliminations yet.

Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Love

S2 E7
Aug 31, 2023
Wes's defection to the blue team jeopardizes two players' position in the game, Tiffany calls out the men for playing a scared game, and Bananas and Wes play cupid as the Tyler and Alyssa S romance continues to blossom.

A Really Good Looking Underdog

S2 E6
Aug 27, 2023
Things get heated between two rookie players, and the competitors brace themselves for host TJ Lavin’s favorite challenge of the season, trivia.

Operation Hat Trick

S2 E5
Aug 24, 2023
A crush develops between Josh and a Survivor woman, a rift grows among the rookie players, and the Challenge veterans take advantage by coming up with "Operation Hat Trick," resulting in one of the most shocking hopper results of the season.

Double Crossed and Sideswiped

S2 E4
Aug 20, 2023
Host TJ Lavin reveals a shocking double elimination leaving the Challengers scrambling to win a high-stakes, adrenaline filled semi-truck challenge to ensure their survival in the game.

Civil War

S2 E3
Aug 17, 2023
With the lines drawn, a Challenge vet turns on one of their own in an act of self-preservation. Also, Big Brother alum Paulie opens up about his journey to live in his truth and is presented with the opportunity to reconcile with a former enemy.

Blurred Battle Lines

S2 E2
Aug 13, 2023
After the first contestant is out of the game, a new alliance is formed to target a Challenge veteran, while a power shift in the game has others focused on revenge. After a difficult water challenge, romance blossoms between two teammates.

The Riskiest Season Yet

S2 E1
Aug 10, 2023
18 CBS reality titans are shocked to learn that they will be competing amongst six legendary MTV Challenge veterans. Strategy is turned on its head when TJ introduces a new twist that will put multiple players at risk at the first elimination.