Season 2022

Episode Guide

On the Road with Steve Hartman: Veterans Day

S2022 E1111
Nov 11, 2022
Steve Hartman shares stories honoring the heroes who served our country on this Veterans Day.

On the Road with Steve Hartman: Halloween

S2022 E1014
Oct 14, 2022
Steve Hartman shares stories highlighting the tricks and treats of Halloween.

On the Road with Steve Hartman: Stars and Stripes

S2022 E701
Jul 01, 2022
Steve Hartman shares stories about our treasured American symbols and shared heritage on this Fourth of July weekend.

"On the Road with Steve Hartman: Dear Dad"

S2022 E617
Jun 17, 2022
Steve Hartman hosts a special 30-minute episode, featuring stories that celebrate dads and paternal figures everywhere. In "On The Road: Dear Dad," Hartman introduces us to a group of dads who stopped violence at a Louisiana high school; a college football player who had a special surprise for his dad; a teacher who stepped into the role of dad when a student needed him the most, and more.

"Her Majesty the Queen: A Gayle King Special"

S2022 E11
Jun 02, 2022
"Her Majesty the Queen: A Gayle King Special" celebrates Queen Elizabeth II's unprecedented 70-year reign and looks ahead to the future of the British monarchy. The one-hour special features interviews with best-selling author and royal expert Tina Brown and Sir Paul McCartney who talks about his lifelong admiration for the queen. The special airs on Thursday, June 2 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS and will be available to stream on the CBS News app and Paramount+.

Undeniable: The Truth to Remember

S2022 E0
Jan 29, 2022
Holocaust survivor Ruth Steinfeld shares her harrowing story with a group of students from a Texas school that doesn't teach the history of the slaughter of 6 million Jews, helping the teens embark on an emotional journey of discovery. Woven through the special are the heart-wrenching and hopeful stories Rose and Arthur Gelbart, child-survivors now married for 66 years, and Pieter Kohnstam who was babysat by Anne Frank. Survivor Lily Ebert a viral sensation on TikTok with her message NEVER FORGET (it could happen again).